High potential entrepreneurs training byAfristack at Akirachix, Nairobi. I was facilitating a marketing master class.

Lina Dyhr is a Media, MarCom and Business Strategy professional with over 15 years experience in multiple countries including in Scandinavia, Southern and West Africa. She attended the prestigious Alliance Girls’ High School in Kenya, earned a BSc in Computer Science (Hons) and an MBA with concentration in Marketing (top 99 percentile). She hosted over 400 TV shows on KTN,  has worked for the biggest ethical brand in the world, Fairtrade, in charge of communications for 33 countries in Africa and 3 in the Middle East.

She also worked for global tech firm Rocket Internet’s app company, with a presence in 142 cities, as Marketing Director responsible for creating market demand in 3 cities in Africa. Recently Lina has been in charge of Consumer Marketing and Branding, running large campaigns instrumental in growth hacking MTIBA clients from 100,000 into well over 1 million mark in less than 1 year, and exceeding the second million the following year. Lina is a foodie with a love for travel, fitness and fashion. She is very enthusiastic about coaching and training entrepreneurs and high performance professionals to live in their purpose and passion. In short she is passionate about helping people earn a living doing what they love to do the most and has also ventured into various businesses.

If you are interested in growth and success; you consistently invests in yourself and in your dreams.

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