With almost 10 years of working in the media, marketing and communications space in Kenya, having lived and travelled in Africa, Asia, Middle East,The United States and Europe, I am very enthusiastic about coaching and training entrepreneurs to live in their purpose and passion. In short I’m passionate about helping people earn a living doing what they love to do the most.

Everyone who is interested in growth and success consistently invests in themselves and in their dreams.

Am I ready for you?Yes…How

1. 10 years media and communication experience
2. Business and Communication strategy consultant for many years
3. Academic record of Alliance Girls’ High School, and a business MBA
4. Own business experiences ranging from fashion to farming
5. Passionate about entrepreneurship and a location independent life
6. I can help you prioritize your ideas and kickstart you into your business


Let's get your business to run itself so that you can stop being a workaholic and start having free time to enjoy your life. A 1 hour strategy session with 3 days of email follow up to help you get your business independent and set you off to travel and enjoy the life you deserve while your business continues to grow.presentation-productLet's make your dreams a reality. A 1 hour one-on-one strategy session (with a warm cup of coffee) on how to go after your dream strategically without loosing your day job.


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