Whats in my pantry during CORVID-19 and corona season

CORVID-19 has suddenly hit the world and changed the way we work and live. I’m doing something different today and sharing my special covid pantry. I have made changes during corona virus season in case there’s quarantine or isolation required. I sought out healthier dry food options as much as possible in case the power supply is interrupted and the fridge doesn’t work . e.g. green grams, lentils, chickpeas, black grams among others.

Hopefully one can continue to go out and buy foods to supplement the diet such as meats and vegetables. Incidentally, Omena in English is Silver Parsnid. While recording the video I forgot to mention that it should be washed several times by carefully lifting the pieces from one container of warm water and placing them in another container with warm water, and then repeating the process multiple times.

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