Top 7 tips for women execs looking to get promoted or get a raise at work

Women are often left behind when it comes to promotions and raises, and yet truthfully they do a lot of the work that propels businesses forward. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve your communication at work and with that be taken more seriously.

1.Speak calmly

I made the mistake of crying one day at work, the boss was a horrible human being and I was pushed to the wall, but it doesn’t matter. I should have risen gracefully and excused myself, stepped out briefly and then returned to finish the difficult conversation when I was more composed. The crying left me more humiliated than before the conversation began and I was even more emotionally vulnerable. Lesson learned, stay calm, and if you can’t, then stay away and cool off until you can.

There are times when it is appropriate and in fact important to raise your voice and shout, when you make your stand, depending on the context, the organizational culture and the situation, but be selective and strategic about how you loose it.

2.Make statements rather than ask questions

Many women tend to speak in question tags. E.g We should do x, shouldn’t we? While it can appear endearing, this can make you seem uncertain. Uncertainty is not a good trait for a leader. People like to follow those who are or appear to be sure of themselves. Make statements in a calm measured tone. Rather than go like ‘We should do x isn’t it?’ say ‘my position is that we do x,’’ then look around the room for any input. If you need input badly then say ‘What are your thoughts?’ Hoever, even that question should be a statement rather than a question

3.Test uncertainties

If uncertain about something, then conduct tests to verify, on a small portion with low impact. Then share conclusions or learnings or go ahead and implement on a larger scale. This is multiple times better than constantly saying I’m not sure about xyz’ you can then say I am testing a hypothesis xzy’. The findings will guide our steps going forward.

4.Take credit for your work

Take credit when its due. Share it when its due. But for goodness sake, take credit. You can be humble but take credit. You can be kind but take credit. It doesn’t make you less feminine, less popular or less professional. Find a way to express your successes and even those of your team so that the company can be aware of your contribution and the work you are doing. Don’t be one of those people who people learn were valuable only after you leave, then they hire 3 people at 6 times your salary to do your job. Overall…take credit.

6.Organize your work

Do a few things well, rather than many things poorly. Delegate, hire interns if needed but don’t become frazzled, or you will become stressed and mean to the people around you, or ready to blow up at the least provocation. Then they’ll say women can’t handle your role because it is too stressful for the fairer sex, or that you are a bitch; which they will, none the less. But that’s a story for another day.

7.Dress powerfully

Buy the best quality clothes you can afford. There’s a cool new app you can use to help you figure out what to wear called GlamOutfit. This app will help you test multiple variations of your clothes so that you don’t need a lot of clothes to look and feel your best. Instead you can invest in few high quality pieces that make you look and feel good. Try it out here.

Lina Dyhr is a Media, Marketing Communications and Business Strategy professional with over a decade of experience. She loves travel and adventure despite being challenged in reading maps, is passionate about entrepreneurship and is usually at the right place at the right time for opportunity. Her recent engagements include Fairtrade Africa Communications Manager for 33 countries in Africa and 3 in the Middle East and Marketing Director for Easy Taxi, a taxi hailing app in 420 cities.


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