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After almost 1 year of observation here’s my take on Kenya’s top 10 blogs( in no particular order)
Run by Robert Alai he tucks away his bad boy social media persona to report very soberly on technology;he is very knowledgable about it,but can’t resist the occasional tongue in cheek perspective about all things tech.
Enoch takes his craft very seriously and shares entrepreneurship stories from as far away as Liberia.His no-nonesense direct approach on the blog disguises his warm persona.This blog was nominated for best business blog of the year recently and you will see why.
The only online video channel I encountered,it’s a distinctly female voice;covering universal issues.Lina TV shares inspiring stories on entrepreneurship with a lifestyle slant.The blogger,an ex-KTN presenter balances not taking herself too seriously with asking difficult questions;she started all the way at the top already interviewing Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore among others.

Run by Edo,an Italian,he writes about Kenyan small business issues in Eastlands with the seriousness of a PHD student, and the fresh outlook of an citizen of the world.
A vintage blog;I have followed this one for years.The writer remains anonymous and humble after existing in the net for years and years.When I write,he courteously writes back but never reveals his identity.
I am envious of her (..ahem fashion?)
This one needs no introduction;an audacious blog that keeps you coming back for more.The cherry on top is that the owner is rumored to have been greatly (financially) enriched by this blog,its a great story of coming from being discoed at uni;to financial independence by telling sometimes unfortunate stories about celebrities.*smiles
This one is for those who don’t want to be left behind in entertainment and lifestyle
I almost don’t want to share this one for fear that half the world and their aunties will show up for the casting calls this website advertises(that I want to go for).Besides its got great stories behind local films making it big.It is the African blogger awards winner of best niche market blog. May the best actor win *snaps fingers raises head defiantly and sashays away clicking the stilettos.
10.This is Ess’s
Sharon Mundia won a BAKE award for the best Fashion blog in Kenya and recently joined Capital FM.She definitely has the face and the fashion for TV.
11.(bonus blog)
The self declared source for Africa’s technology news it is intimidating as it is inspiring,reporting on an Africa that is as traditional as it is on the cutting edge of app technology.
You want to go ahhh(amazing!) and nckt!(why didn’t I think of that).It begs the question;are we really all on the same continent?
12.Worth special mention is Baby Love Network,it’s about parenting,family and all those good things.No wonder they have such a big following!

who would you place in the top 10?
Let me know with a comment right here…

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