Bungee jumping 110 meters head-first into Victoria Falls

This scenario illustrates the value of making a commitment to follow through on your dreams and goals by identifying the dream,hence deciding to jump because it was on my bucket list, then making a commitment by hiring a mentor/coach, or an accountability partner/mastermind group represented by my paying a commitment fee and by the people cheering me on. They help ensure you do it afraid, and get where you need to go, one step at a time.

Description? It was mortifying, stupefying,terrifying,death-defying and exhilarating. If ever you feel you have a challenge you cannot resolve, go do something with an adrenaline rush, something you fear doing.It could even be something off your bucket list, I guarantee you, you will never be the same. Take a look at my experience, hopefully it will give you a kick(or a laugh)



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