Hi my name is Lina Dyhr!


Let’s start at the beginning .


I was born in Kenya, although i have been living and working in different parts of the world. When I was 8 years old I wrote in my journal, that when I grew up, I wanted to travel to exotic places and stay in amazing hotels. Never mind that I had neither traveled nor stayed at a hotel in my life. I imagined what it felt like to tour amazing places across the globe and have extraordinary adventures. I hoped to live a good life, at a gentle pace with meaningful experiences and adequate time to myself to be reflective, daydream and then make up creative ideas to bring to fruition.

I remember crafting a lot of things due to my vast imagination. Once using a razor and an idea, and I’ll admit with numerous injuries, I fashioned a brand new design from my old plastic bata shoes. I often made up unexpected solutions by connecting seemingly unrelated parts together and enjoyed an uncanny ability to figure out how stuff works. Time flew by when I was in my creative zone and I could be in there for lengths of time. Eventually I grew up, attended to the prestigious Alliance Girls’ High School, earned a Bsc degree in Computer Studies followed by an MBA and worked at a very fast paced lifestyle for 10 years. I was about to embark on a PHD when I had a wake up call.


I realized 3 key things:

  1. I was living someone else’s life
  2. I was meant for greater things
  3. I was stuck in a vicious cycle


Looking back I should have seen this sooner! It had been a recurring theme all my adult life.


Every morning, I hated how the alarm clock jarred me awake at 3am.

Often, anxiety had kept me up at night, not to mention stress over tasks and navigating office politics. So I woke up tired and anxious. I’d creep out of bed when sleep was sweetest and dress for work in a panic worried that I was late. At the end of the day I left the office at night and because of my hectic schedule, sometimes I didn’t see daylight for days.


I was passionate about my work and did everything they said I should do. I was dedicated, I didn’t do freelance/outside jobs, I worked long hours polishing my craft. When it was time for promotion: a less qualified individual, I had a Masters, he had a diploma who put in the least possible effort at work and who regularly did freelance work was made my boss. When I asked for the promotion I was asked ‘what do you need the money for you just run around here in sandals’. You see open shoes were the sturdiest shoes I had, strutting in heels would have been fabulous, but I would not work for the neck-breaking pace I was going at. This showed me that despite the effort I was investing, my boss did not see my value.


After a while of working like crazy, I fell seriously ill and had test after test, but doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Off the record they said they thought it was likely to be stress. I stayed home pondering my fate, feeling too sick to work, and yet pretty soon I started feeling pressure to return to the office.


In a desperate attempt to have financial options outside of my job, I worked during my annual leave, and even borrowed heavily from our Cooperative Society to invest into a wheat farming business. Unfortunately, the venture failed and left me in excruciating debt for years, on top of everything else. I remember walking out of the office one evening and anxiously counting coins to see if I could afford my bus fare home.


Another two ventures in cosmetics and clothing retail didn’t succeed, so I closed them down. These businesses left me with painful but valuable experience and insight and I became the go-to person whenever people had business challenges or were keen to break the code to get to the next level..


At some point with a lot of effort, I found another job. This one involved being part of several whatssap groups, staff chatted at all hours sending emails back and forth about last minute tasks, every minute of the week, weekend, public holidays…Ugghh!


I loved to travel but could only go on trips after ‘earning leave days’. I yearned for the freedom to go wherever whenever my heart desired, plus the income to afford it. I wanted to live the life that I dreamed of as a child.


That is when I started to crack the code.

I would find prestigious high profile jobs in multinationals that accorded me travel and networking opportunities in more than 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East, networks with high profile business leaders and celebrities including Shaggy, Chris Rock, Ajuma, 2FaceIdibia,Oliver Mtukudzi, Papa Wemba, but somehow I still wasn’t happy. Friends and family would say “just work there for 2 years THEN YOU’RE SET FOR LIFE” Or “I don’t get why you want MORE, If I had what you have I would be so happy”. I tired to put up with it, to learn what I could, I psyched myself up, got myself motivated, but eventually I said “there has to be more to life than this.”


So I started to investigate. I had to become really honest with myself and reflect on the patterns I had experienced through the years. And I came to some conclusions:


I want to empower people who are at a CROSSROADS

  1. I was living this text book life because I thought my dreams were not viable
  2. I wanted to coach and train ambitious people to achieve their dreams


I dug deep into my heart and mind through Laimani Bidali’s, Alabastron and Upskill to Upscale. After that I hired an executive coach to help me chart a direction. I thought long and hard about setting up my ideal business, one I actually wanted to run, one that aligned my purpose, passion, and potential. I shut down other ventures to focus on it. Next I registered for a $2,000 raining program with a renowned coach, Marie Forleo in New York. Finally I filled in the blanks in my knowledge with other courses with experts from Iceland, Australia and other parts of the world.


I invested a great deal of time and money getting prepared and honing the skills needed to become the best marketeer, digital strategist, mentor and trainer that I could be. I have always been like this, even in school at Alliance Girls’, never letting it rest till I was the best I could be. Then I felt ready.


The light bulb went off in my head


I finally found the job and business that doesn’t feel like work. A job that allowed me to quietly reflect and use my incredible talent for creativity to craft innovative solutions for people’s life challenges, and help them get to the next level and achieve extraordinary results beyond their perceived potential. I apply ideas in seemingly unrelated fields to form unexpected solutions, I ask ‘why; and ‘why not’ and go beyond the rules…The good news is that I can do it from anywhere, so I can travel, work from everywhere and at a more comfortable pace.


Now, as a dreamlauncher, I empower ambitious professionals and high potential entreprenuers to locate their genius and find their dream job or launch their ideal business…and with that craft their ideal life.

A lot of people have already benefited from my arsenal of know-how. If you want to be successful in your career, I can help you do that. If you want to get your business thriving, I can help you do that too. Contact me on dreamlauncher@linaconnect.com and share with me what inspired you about my story, or what challenge you are facing or book a coaching session with me so i can help you get to your next level. Not there yet? Then use these free ticks by signing up onto my platform or join the Empowerment Hub for peer support from like-minded individuals.




Are you social? Here you go 

My goal is to inspire, nurture and empower…





The summary… I am a serial entrepreneur with mixed bag of results;failure has left me with understanding and success,with eagerness.I am equipped with just over 10 years experience in media, marketing and communication. Having graduated in the top percentile of Alliance Girls’ High School, and with a Bsc in Computing and MBA in Marketing, I offer a dual combination of brains and smarts to bring you the best possible results.

My experience in TV spanning over 400 live shows, as a producer and TV presenter I’ve interviewed the leaders in every industry. Among my favourite interviews are those with business leaders who freely share their stories of success and failure during the interview,and secrets behind their success after the camera and lights are off. I value these stories a great deal.

As a Communications professional, I love training and have done so in Kenya,Zimbabwe,Gabon,Ghana, Mali and lived and traveled in Qatar, Dubai, Denmark, US, South Africa, Botswana, Bangladesh, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Selected over thousands of applicants across Kenya, I competed in a grueling 64 day Apprentice-style business reality show, “The Magnate” eventually emerging 2nd runner up,and recognized for excellence in business strategy consulting, and applauded in putting together winning project management teams as well as fabulous Marketing campaigns.

In 2012 I conceptualized and executed a wellness forum to inspire urban women to look good and feel great, throughout their lives. MAYA EXPO is where Kenya’s top nutritionist, aesthetician and plastic surgeon connected with a diverse audience and shared industry insider secrets.

In spite of my poor sense of geographical location, I’m adventurous and travel loving, I enjoy jet skiing, have a passion for wellness, fitness and fashion and recently began to learn kite surfing with my soul-mate in the Arabian Peninsula.