What to buy on sale.

Black Friday found me criss-crossing Nairobi from mall to mall enjoying huge discounts from the sale. Here are my top 5 tips on useful items to buy during Christmas/New years, and in fact any sale that will benefit you throughout the rest of the year.    

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Who pays for my international trips?

Recently a travel instagram- friend of mine was inundated with a question from followers “who pays for your travel?” I responded to the question in my own way; by sharing tips on how to make travel a more budget friendly activity. Let me know your thoughts on how you prepare for travel.  

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No kissing; meeting giraffes in Kenya

In spite of covid , I took an opportunity to visit giraffes at the Giraffe Centre and see the wildlife. They no longer allow visitors to kiss the giraffes like they used to. Oh well… What new things have you done during this season? Share with me in the comments below.

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Whats in my pantry during CORVID-19 and corona season

CORVID-19 has suddenly hit the world and changed the way we work and live. I’m doing something different today and sharing my special covid pantry. I have made changes during corona virus season in case there’s quarantine or isolation required. I sought out healthier dry food options as much as possible in case the power…

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Sean Cardovillis talks about the tough business of sports

Sean Cardovillis has been in sports as a cyclist, and then as a journalist in radio and television in Kenya and abroad. He shed light on his experiences in sports, the sporting landscape and what talented people can do to have a fighting chance in the sporting business.  

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