‘How to’ series: how to get an international job abroad

Lot’s of times we need quick advice and ideas to solve career and business problems on the go, quick smart! If you do, watch my brand new web series. Today the question is ‘How do I  get an international jobs abroad?’ Share in the comments below your own experiences in finding jobs abroad. Enjoy!

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Ready for an adventure?Lets go to Japan!

All expenses paid trip to Japan, interested? Travel for a person lie myself is food for my soul. Recently I had an opportunity to go to New York City and everything from the city lights to the Empire state building to the malls looked familiar from all the years of seeing New York on TV.…

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Top 7 tips for women execs looking to get promoted or get a raise at work

Women are often left behind when it comes to promotions and raises, and yet truthfully they do a lot of the work that propels businesses forward. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve your communication at work and with that be taken more seriously. 1.Speak calmly I made the mistake of…

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Meshack Oiros top 5 tips for making it as a sculptor

Meshack Oiro’s is one of Kenya’s top artists working out of Kuona Trust in Nairobi. Emerging from I.T sector where he began his career he eventually transitioned into an artist in one of the toughest marketplaces for art in the world, Africa. He shares his top success tips on how to turn your passion into…

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Training high potential entrepreneurs at a startup accelerator,Nailab

Join me in training high potential early entrepreneurs at Akirachix in Nairobi. It was an incredible series of days with a broad range of topics in Marketing and Digital strategy

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5 lessons the death of Grace Makosewe and Achieng’ Abura has taught me about career and life

I heard about the death of the Grace Makosewe and Achieng’Abura on social media, and in each case it was a ‘what?’ ‘what?’ gut wrenching reaction.Then it dawned that the reality is, everything, no matter how beautiful,talented and glamorous has a start has an end, and so does life. It got me thinking and reflecting…

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